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3 Ideas for intentionalizing laughter & why it's important

published3 months ago
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👋🏻 Reader,

Before we get into the necessity of laughter in our lives (and how to become more intentional about enjoying this life, I get to share a reader's morning reflection prompts.

Hamish Robertson | AM Questions

  • How do you feel?
  • What are you grateful for right now?
  • What’s the most important thing to get done today?
  • Yesterday I was excited about:
  • How are you going to win today?

With this structure, Hamish is:


  1. how he feels
  2. the good in his life

Setting a daily intention for:

  1. The day's priorities
  2. What he wants to see from himself at the end of the day

How are you modifying your self-awareness frameworks?

I would love to know, so please reply to this email.

Will only share publicly with your permission.

❤️ Thank you, Hamish!

Time for Advice #5: Have fun!

Self-awareness systems are more sustainable when you introduce a playful element into your practice.

So far, you've learned about self-awareness in the context of identifying areas you think need improvement.

Self-discovery describes a broader and more fun field of self that helps you:

  • Engage your rational mind
  • Shush your monkey mind
  • Manage stress

My favorite library of fun prompts is part of Baron Fig's Grow Daily Journal.

  • What's on your mind?
  • Write anything. Right now.
  • You're anywhere but where you are. Where are you and why?
  • You suddenly have a new superpower. What is it and what do you do next?

Intentionalize Laughter

When I take myself too seriously, I forget to laugh.

Emerging research indicates that laughter is as important to self-care as is nutrition, sleep, exercise, and water intake.

Mayo Clinic's list of short- and long-term benefits of laughter includes:

  • Activating and relieving a stress response
  • Increasing personal satisfaction
  • Improving immune systems
  • Stimulating many organs
  • Relieving pain

Years ago, I implemented a handful of "running series'" in my Bear App, one of which is, "The funniest people I've ever known."

Looking periodically at the list of funny humans in my life makes me smile.

Action Item: Create a list using one or more of these ideas

  • List 3 people in your life right now who make you laugh.
  • List 3 people in your life past or present with whom you have engaged in silliness. Write about your favorite moment with them.
  • List the 3 funniest TV shows or books you've ever read. What made you laugh?

Bonus points for reaching out for a meet-up with one of the people you listed.


Screenshots of helpful non-laughter-related lists

Weekly office hours accompany this series.

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