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published6 months ago
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Hello Reader,

Thanks for the cool comments and thoughtful questions about last week’s newsletter featuring a recent presentation at a global Linking Your Thinking (LYT) Conference.

This week we wrap my review of the mid-May Linking Your Thinking Conference.

Structure an Effective Personal Retreat

Mike Schmitz is the first content creator I ever actually “met” in person. He’s an excellent teacher, provides well-researched content, and somehow manages to read a ton of books for his Bookworm Podcast even with a rather large family.

He also co-hosts one of my favorite nerdy podcasts, Focus

Mike is a man of faith, and he takes his faith seriously. Therefore, it’s important for him to regularly assess his activities to make sure they’re aligned with the family’s values.

Additionally, he uses personal retreats to discover areas of his life that need improvement, and he brainstorms a next steps process so that he can improve between personal retreats.

His Obsidian graph blows my mind. It’s gorgeous. While I don’t have the technical expertise to implement the review process, we can all adapt his framework using a pen and a notebook.

I hope you enjoy this presentation.

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Best of Linking Your Thinking

Recently I had the privilege of sharing my journaling processes at a virtual conference hosted by Nick Milo. It may, in fact, have been the largest group I’ve ever addressed, and the feedback I continue to receive warms my heart because they’re choosing a different mindset or behavior.

Nick Milo’s Linking Your Thinking (LYT) Conference was well-attended, and featured brilliant speakers with practical ideas for those of us in the Tools for Thought space.

I thought you might benefit from a few presentations. This is Week 2 of a 3-part series highlighting my favorite Linking Your Thinking presentations.

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LYT Semantic Goldmines & Notes

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