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Emerging TfT Markets ā€¢ The Digital Thinker's Digest | October 2022 | Edition 2

published3 months ago
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Hello Reader!

Innovations in the tools for thought space have been dizzying this month!

In early 2020 I climbed aboard the Roam Research train to teach digital journaling. I still use Roam as an outlining tool and for making sense of what I read.

ā€‹In a recent tweet, Tiago Forte shared his perspective on the TfT "buzz cycle."ā€‹

What do you think of Tiago's assessment? Hit reply and let me know!

Let's get to our round-up of TfT round-ups!



First, if you're looking for a Tana invite, I don't have any, at least not yet. Do hang in there. Your time is coming.

Second, I'm delighted to see @CortexFutura back in the video tutorial business.

ā€‹Lukas' interstitial journaling workflow in Tana is quite helpful.


ā€‹Lisa Marie Cabrelli wrote a novel in Roam!
Congratulations, Lisa!

My wonderful friend Andy Henson continues to challenge our thinking about Roam and TfT structures.

ā€‹If you're not subscribed to Andy's Letters from a Roaman, do it now.


Two of LogSeq's top Twitter posts in the past 30 days are related to search functionality.

ā€‹Simple Search Commandsā€‹

ā€‹PDF Searches in LogSeqā€‹


During the "New Kid on the Block" buzz, Obsidian rolled out Version 1.0.

For a quick summary of the new version, check out David Sparks' recent post.

Up & Comer of the Month

Innovator Ev Chapman is my up-and-comer for October.

Ev built -- and masterfully explains -- her well-being dashboard. Essentially, she's making a custom automation for what to do when she feels x, y, or z.

ā€‹Watch Ev's demo.

From the Mail Bag

John Buckley recently shared his desired outcomes from working in the digital thinking tools space.

[I want] to mine more value, reveal more profound insights, and have a better relationship with my thinking.

I'd love to hear from you, too!

  • What problem do your digital thinking tools do for you?
  • What problem do you want them to solve?
  • What's your biggest frustration?

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