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Isolating negative emotions, Phillies or Astros, Give me Tana! Please?

published3 months ago
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Hello Reader!

For this week's newsletter, I thought it might be fun to hear what questions you have for me.

I was right! I love hearing about what's on your mind and I firmly believe questions are the most effective way to know someone better -- whether you're asking or responding to a question.

My favorite questions were related to:

  • Baseball
  • My Routines
  • Self-Management
  • Tana (the newest digital thinking platform on the planet)


Dear Tracy --
What do your morning and evening routines look like?
Dear Mozzie --
Full confession. I have been lax in both areas this month. When I'm in sync, I do this.


  1. Coffee or tea
  2. Respond to 3 or 4 self-reflection questions
  3. Read 20 minutes
  4. Make notes about what I read and how it might connect to one of the topics I write about
  5. 90 minutes of heavy-lifting -- the most important writing task of the day.


  1. Assess what didn't get done during the day
  2. Look at the next day's agenda
  3. Identify focus blocks & assign writing projects
  4. Write a note to my next day self
  5. Configure my computer and the rest of my desk so that the only thing I see the next morning is the note to my next day self and the most important writing task


I write a lot about using imagery to push past negative emotions and thoughts.

  1. Make friends with the negative emotion It's not going anywhere.
  2. Order the negative emotion to get off your back.
  3. Send the negative emotion outside for an hour.

Dear Scott:

I believe all of these things are helpful. The negative emotion most likely to paralyze you is a life-long battle. You do have a choice, in most cases, to send negative emotions on a wild goose chase while you perform an activity.

Who is your pick for winning the World Series?

Dear Albert --
I have the Astros in 5 games.
Thank you for all the enjoyment you've brought to baseball. Your final season has been one for the ages.

Do you have any Tana invites? Please?

Dear Digital Thinking Tool Enthusiast --

Alas, I wish I had a dozen. Can't imagine the agony of watching the cool kids show off their eye-popping Tana setups. I hope you get an invite soon!

Meantime, check out Ev Chapman's brilliant Tana videos.

Digital Thinkers

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