Tracy Winchell

Looking for a way to keep your cool through the holidays?

published5 months ago
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A number of my friends are already stressing or dreading Christmas.

  • Toxic family situations
  • Mental health concerns
  • An empty chair at the table this year
  • Worrying about unmet expectations (gifts, food, decorations)

You get the idea.

Reading tons of material about journaling and mental health, it made sense to build a quick (and FREE) email sequence.

Beginning now, you will receive 1 prompt & a couple of brief suggestions about how to use the prompts.

Every day until the first week of the new year, you will receive short prompts.

You can and should spend no more than 10 minutes each day responding to the questions.

So, if you could use a bit of a holiday-centric journaling program smash that button below.

As always hit reply with your questions & comments.

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