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The Digital Thinker's Digest: A Roundup of Tools for Thought Roundups

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The Digital Thinker's Digest | September 2022 | Edition 1

Hello Reader!

Welcome to the September edition of The Digital Thinker’s Digest!

The purpose of our new publication in the Tools for Thought space is to serve as a roundup of roundups within our broader community.

TfT Platforms


Andy is one of my dearest Twitter friends. Andy (and the Roam-i-verse) recently celebrated his 50th edition of Letters From A Roaman.

Review previous editions and subscribe here.


Syncing ultimately becomes a necessary feature regardless of your digital thinking tool of choice. Capturing random ideas and notes on the go is no fun unless you can whisk them away to your vault.

LogSeq Sync is in development!

We don’t know yet when Sync will be generally available. But if you want early access and provide us with your invaluable feedback, please become a Backer or a Sponsor..
Source: LogSeq Newsletter


My kind and brilliant friend Kara Monroe is curating Obsidian content using her Medium platform.

See 14 Stories About Obsidian if you’re a hard-core Obsidianite or someone who is considering a platform switch.

Up & Comer of the Month | x-Tiles

For the past several months, I’ve been chatting with Andrey Tabunshchik about x-Tiles. The platform made its debut early this week (September 20). It’s a remarkable tool for thought, especially if you’re a visual thinker. x-Tiles

Systems for Digital Thinkers

Want to see what it’s like to operate within a Tools for Thought community? The upcoming Roam Book Club is for you.

All tools are welcome!

RBC8 starts on [[September 25th, 2022]] at 8 pm UTC, and sign-up for RBC8 is now officially open!

Tutorials & Innovations for Non-Techies

FEATURED INNOVATION 1: New to Obsidian? Check out Nick Milo’s Quickstart Obsidian Kit

FEATURED INNOVATION 2: David Vargas, creator of RoamJS is on a new mission now that Roam Depot is up and running.

Collaboration across TfTs will change the universe.

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David Vargas
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September 2nd 2022

Thank you for reading!

You’ve undoubtedly run across the content you think should be featured in the October edition of The Digital Thinker’s Digest. Please send me a link.


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