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The future of this newsletter is in your hands

published2 months ago
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Hey Reader,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the U.S.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed your ordinary November Thursday last week.

On May 25, I began publishing this newsletter weekly, making a drastic shift from tools-for-thought and journaling specific content.

Instead, I’ve written about the intersection between behavior science and identity design.

Based on the feedback I’m receiving, the specific action steps at the end of each newsletter have made a difference in the lives of my readers.

As I start mapping out the first 12 weeks of 2023, it’s essential that what I write about is a reflection of how I can help you.

That’s why I’m engaging in a series of listening sessions with subscribers, Twitter followers, and customers like you.

Reader Feedback (so far)

About the friction that keeps us from becoming the person we want to become:

We must get out of our own way before we get anything else out of our way.
Kara Monroe, @kicki22 on Twitter

Content ideas from readers

  • Continue approaching Tools for Thought from a non-techie perspective.
  • Make Tools for Thought accessible for women my age by way of self-awareness systems.
  • Share Tiny Tools for Self-Awareness via tool-specific downloadable templates
  • Build a series of monthly email series’ containing daily or weekly prompts
  • Build a course, a workshop, or write a book called 30 Days to Deepen or Expand Your Journaling Practice
  • Design & teach a framework for generating your own daily or weekly prompts

What do you think?

I don’t expect you to spend a ton of time responding to each of these ideas or the following questions.

You can provide me with the most help if you:

  1. Scan the content ideas above and share one that jumps out at you — or gives you a new idea for me to pursue, or;
  2. Respond to one or two questions listed below, or;
  3. Book a 15-minute call with me between now and the first of the year.

Your Turn

Do you like the new direction of this newsletter?If so, what topics are most likely to help you in the next 3 months?Are you more interested in Tools for Thought or journaling than broader self-growth content?Anything else you’d like to share with me?

New Series Next Week!

I’m super excited about our December series.

My dear friend R.J. Nestor and I are teaming up to help you take the stress out of New Year’s Resolutions.

R.J. will share a simple productivity system you can implement immediately.

I will give you tools for getting out of your own way so that when you plan the first 90 days of 2023, you’re more likely to take action on those plans.

We’re also hosting a workshop to close our series.

No need to snag a seat before you’ve seen what you’ll be learning in the newsletter series.

If you know Intention & Identity: Simple Planning for a Guilt-Free 2023 is for you, by all means, get in on the Early Bird pricing now.