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ā€¢ The Digital Thinker's Digest | November 2022 | Edition 3

published2 months ago
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Hello Reader!


TfT Platforms


My friend R.J. Nestor has created a step-by-step Tana for Tasks course. It's a sure-fire way to learn Tana and up your productivity game in Tana. Tana for Tasks is my favorite Tana resource.

Tana continues to dominate the TfT Buzz Meter. If you're Tana-curious and still don't have an invite, do join Tana's Slack community (bottom of the page).
The demos are mind-blowing


Roam Depot continues to be a terrific community resource for newcomers and old timers like me.
Roam JS creator David Vargas announced this week that most RoamJS plug-ins (more than 50) have been migrated to the Depot.
A few are still in review but are expected to be released to the depot soon.


ā€‹Abialbon Paul recently posted a Twitter thread posting his take on LogSeq vs. Obsidian.
ā€‹This thread is especially useful to TfT newcomers trying to decide which tool is a better fit.
Also, follow this account. Abialbon should totally have 1,000 followers. Right. Now!


Eleanor Konik is the standard for curated TfT monthly newsletters.
ā€‹Access news and notes about plug-ins, updates, Obsidian user resources and moreā€‹

November Up & Comer

Our old friend David Vargas of RoamJS fame has made some terrific progress with his new project.
ā€‹SamePage may be the Holy Grail of TfT connectivity.ā€‹
ā€‹Join SamePage Discord community & provide input to David as he brings interconnectivity among TfT tools.

Personal Observations from a Non-Techie Digital Thinker

I've been away from all tools for thought since early November, due to significant sight issues. (One surgery down & one to go!)

Two takeaways:

  1. Analog works just fine for day-to-day and week-to-week productivity planning and implementation.
  2. The real power of tools for thought (at least in my mind) is the ability to resurface knowledge when my Future Self can make use of the information or knowledge.
    Remembering this expectation of entering and resurfacing "just in time" knowledge will greatly simplify how I structure my Tana system.

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