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published10 months ago
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Hello Reader,

Thanks for the cool comments and thoughtful questions about last week’s newsletter featuring Nick Milo’s ENCODE framework.

Missed it?

Learn ENCODE here

Linking the Thinking Among Your 3 Selves

It’s pretty cool that the global digital thinkers community has adapted my “Note to Next Day Self” journaling technique as a tool for growth and self-awareness.

This daily note served as the foundation for the entire presentation.

First, participants perused their personal vaults and graphs for what my friends Matt & Andy refer to as “Semantic Goldmines.”

Maybe you don’t have a graph. No worries. You can peruse your digital journals the same way. It’ll be a bit tougher for analog journalers but it can be done.

Next, I shared what I’ve learned about what happens when we see the three parts that make up “Us.”

Finally, we showcased the Note to Next Day Self inside a Roam graph.

It’s a practice I stumbled onto when I realized I was much too hard on myself. The 6 bumper guards you will learn grew from the “be nice to Tracy” decision I chose. I knew the decision must be followed by a series of day-by-day, moment-to-moment decisions if I were to kick that habit to the curb. Journaling is, for me, the most effective tool for keeping big decisions in the front of my mind each day.

I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Next week, my friend Mike Schmitz showcases his process of keeping his family’s values aligned with the family’s beliefs. It’s cool!


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Best of Linking Your Thinking

Recently I had the privilege of sharing my journaling processes at a virtual conference hosted by Nick Milo. It may, in fact, have been the largest group I’ve ever addressed, and the feedback I continue to receive warms my heart because they’re choosing a different mindset or behavior.

Nick Milo’s Linking Your Thinking (LYT) Conference was well-attended, and featured brilliant speakers with practical ideas for those of us in the Tools for Thought space.

I thought you might benefit from a few presentations. This is Week 2 of a 3-part series highlighting my favorite Linking Your Thinking presentations.